Competition Winners

 The bookmark is actually a frame of a video I made using data from a motion captured performer. Two splines gravitate towards data points captured from a dancer in a balletic display generated by the computer but controlled by the performance.
Here’s the link of the video:
Chris Davenport, CPD Studio, London
‘Finding the Inner Me in My Work’  by Matthew Nevin, Artist of Irish and UK Performance, Installation and Video art group MART

“I love the idea that when reading a

book, everyone’s experience of the

Characters is slightly different, we

end up placing our own knowledge

upon them” Holly Bagnall –

This image began life as a documentary photograph for an exploration given by Richard Gough at The Directors’ Forum: The Six Senses of the Director (April 2010). Workshop participants explored aspects of “Being There,” which reminded me of the fifteen minute ‘Screen tests’ that Andy Warhol did at The Factory; sitting in front of an audience and being as neutral as possible, imposing an authority over the audience, in subtle, magical and often enigmatic ways that they themselves (the performers) were, sometimes, unaware of portraying. The narrative of ‘The Portrait’ ran throughout the workshop, and I took this idea and expanded it, playing with ideas of both the painted portrait and the photographic portrait; the public expression and the private intimation.

Leah Crossley, Cardiff

My inspiration for this design came from local street dance performances though a variety of groups / peopls and cultures.

Aristi Fournari

These photos are taken in my home country, Japan, during summer dancing festival.
 I was inspired by Japanese traditional costumes and its vivid atmosphere.

Saaya Kamita, London


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